Thank all of you SO much

I had to close last night before saying a huge thank you and God bless you to all of you who’ve come alongside me on this journey through your prayers and giving. You have no idea how humbled I am, and with what gratitude and respect I carry YOU along with me! To borrow Neil Armstrong’s phrasing, it’s one small m- trip for me, one giant leap in bringing the _ _ _ d to the nations,and you are a significant part of that leap.

I’ll keep you posted as often as I am able; there MUST be a Starbucks in the towns I’ll be in! 35 days and counting . . .

What in tarnation?

Allison, you suggested, and I responded to your very good idea to blog my upcoming travels (which is what a peregrination is, by the way). Hopefully inspiration will spill over from my/our adventures. Pending photos from the actual trip, here’s one of me and my favorite trolley buddy from last year to start this journal off from the appropriate continent, anyway.