Sawasdee kaaaaaa

Hi, Friends,

Since I don’t know how to spell the Thai greeting for hello – just plain hello. End of week two in Asia, week one in Thailand. The people here are so friendly – of course part of that may be the charming Ev__ at my side and the adorable El__ I’m carrying in a sling or trying to push in a stroller over the uneven or non-existent sidewalks here. You’d bite your nails if you saw the traffic we negotiate on our daily walks, made necessary by El__’s severe “cabin fever” in our hotel room, aka “Camp Grandma.” The Thai people are gracious and very cordial, making this a big tourist spot for people from all points of the globe.

I have had headache trouble here, so I popped up the street for a Thai massage on Tuesday night – that’s massage, otherwise know as Thai torture! The stretching I didn’t mind (one arm wrapped around an appendage and a foot pressing into the point where it attaches to get the maximum stretch), but Holy Cow, I’ve never experienced thumbs and elbows pressed into every muscle and nerve ending before! I was ready to confess that I’d stolen the Crown Jewels before the hour was over! Tonight (Friday) Er__ and I tried a half-hour back and neck massage in “Lazy Boys” at a stand set up on the sidewalk down at the night market, and that will be my stress relief of choice from now on.

On a “why I’m really here” note – it’s NOT just to visit my family – it’s absolutely wonderful to meet and listen to the kid’s colleagues (why I’m giving no names) from many nations, all here for the same heart reason. What amazing people they are, accepting challenges that would send most people packing in short order. How funny that their common language is often Chinese! Er and Em are in seminars from 8 am till 5 pm every day, and there’s no way they could both attend as they need to if someone wasn’t here to watch Ev and El. Someone just happens to be Grandma, who now knows what it feels like to be functionally illiterate and so respects even more the literacy work these folks are doing. In several weeks I’ll be helping in the nursery for their big two-week annual group conference.

Points to “think” about:

Energy for all of us adults, as the grandkids seem to have a superabundance and the seminars take lots of mental energy, and good health for us all (El is teething).

Safety as we walk and travel around the city.

A good, duty-free conclusion to shipping problems we’ve had.

A quick return for Er’s renewed passport.

Anointing and fresh inspiration for all the people here for the seminars.

Here is a shot of local flavor from this beautiful place. Much love to you all, and thanks again for your love and support

2 thoughts on “Sawasdee kaaaaaa

  1. So sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with headaches, as we have been lifting that up! We’ll keep asking, and also for strength and good health. Give the 4 E’s a hug and kiss from all of us.Love, Bonnie


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