Copyrighted! Whoo-Doo for the kids and you, Larry!

Whoo Do You See?


For my Grandson Evan Jackson about his magical mountains, the Catalinas – minus my original artwork.

Yes, if you’d like to purchase the PDF version with watercolor illustrations, contact me

Rose M. Jackson © 5/20/2006

Whooo-dooo, whooo-dooo, whoo-dooo I see?

I see, I see, small deer mice-y,

Nibbling a mesquite bean slice-y

Whooo- dooo, whoo-dooo, whoo-dooo you  see?

I see kit fox on the loose-y

Eating cholla fruit so juicy

Whooo-dooo, whooo-dooo, whooo-dooo we see?

We see fleecy big-horn sheep-y

Just now waking from their sleep-y.

Whooo-is, whooo-is, whooo-oo that is?

That is, that is long-nosed bat, is

Sipping nectar from flowering cactus.

Whooo-dooo, whooo-dooo, whooo-dooo you hear?

I hear, I hear daddy mule deer

Rubbing trees to scratch his antler.

Whooo-is, whooo-is, whooo’s so stinky?

Spotted skunk stopped for a drink-y

Great Horned Owl scared her, I think-y.

Whooo-comes, whooo-comes, whooo-comes peeping?

Woodpecker stopped the hole she’s deepening

To come see why elf owl is not sleeping.

Whooo-dooo, whooo-dooo, whooo-dooo you feel?

Safe here in saguaro’s shoe, feel

Feathers damp with morning dew, feel

Little elf owl’s tired wings rustle.

Sleepy one, close to me nestle,

Let your curious wonderings settle.

Close your eyes and dream.

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