All I need to say

Rose in green chair 54Oh, this morning overwhelmed in and by the righteous, Blood-washed robe we stand in. Who are we to be so loved and treasured, sought and fought for and bought and paid for? The better question is who is this ONE who loves, treasures, sought, fought, and bought us? It’s all about Jesus- all we do is surrender to that LOVE and wash his feet with our grateful tears.

THEN we can serve out of pure motives, all for love.  He is the Hebrew Groom who gives all to his Bride. She (we) simply say yes, put our hand in his, and walk with him forever.


Jesus found me when I was four years old, looking at his picture on a paper fan from a local funeral home in the back pocket of the hard wooden seat in front of me in a tiny church in Indiana. My great-grandparents’ names glowed in stained glass on one of the simple stained glass windows they purchased, to keep rain out and let sunlight in. Their light was in my life, and I don’t doubt at all that their prayers were, too, even though they would never see me or the little boy who would become a missionary among their offspring who came forth from me, my glorious and humbling blessing, the inheritance of their faith and prayers.


Today all I can say is I am loved, grateful, sought and bought, and in awe of whose robe I wear.Stained Glass Window Heisler Etna Green EUB ChurchMiner Family reunionMy beloved Grandpa and sweet, godly Grandma Miner, whose name I’m often mistakenly called, “Ruth,” and I say thank you every time someone calls me by her name. I know my Boaz is speaking to me.

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