No words

Reading a psychology article today, I hear the author say that Christians are just trying to validate themselves by pushing to make others like themselves. Hmmm… if all we were sharing what was simply a good idea or another philosophy, I would agree.

BUT … when I hear the words of “How Deep the Father’s Love For Us,” and think of the line, “the Father turned his face away …” my heart both shrinks and swells. What must it have meant, have felt, for Yahweh Adonai, El Shaddai, ABBA Father, to turn his face away from the sins marring the body of his Son? What did it mean to Jesus Yeshua and what excruciating anguish did he feel to be severed even momentarily from oneness, relationship and the love of his ABBA Adonai?

Immediately my heart says, “God, I wasn’t worth it! Not one of us, not all of us together were worth one drop of that blood or one millisecond of that pain to You and to Yeshua.” And immediately I know that it was not about my worth, our worth, but about God’s great love. “Yin and Yang,” both at the same time I wasn’t worth it YET God says I am! The One who created the Universes says I mean that much to Him.

So much for our egos, both damaged and inflated. One voice, One Love, says each one of us was and is worth it.  Oh Lamb of God, in humility and in awe-struck wondrous love I come.

Why on earth would I not want everyone on Earth to know this love? It has NOTHING to do with my ego or my validation, yet it is about my worth, your worth. It is about His love, period.  Jesus plus nothing. Family-praising-God1  Your “…BUT…” to move:  Oh, Father God, i see myself as so unworthy of your love because I __________________________________ and YET, BUT you proclaim how precious I am to you through Jesus. Help me to believe that truly you __________________________________ when you think of me and you want me to know how much ______________________________________________. Help me to accept YOUR words and love over me in my life, and help me to look at Jesus’ righteousness as a gift you give to me. I think I need to share this with ______________________ so give me wisdom, courage, the right words and an opportunity to ___________________________. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

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