No Big Deal?

No big deal, but….

As I walked into the grocery store, I noticed a man carrying a vase of flowers. I casually remarked, “Someone is going to feel happy today…” to which he answered, ”They’re for the Virgin Mary. I’m going to pray for my girlfriend. She has a tumor.”

“Oh, roger, got it! This is you, Jesus,” I thought, and immediately I asked, “Oh, may I pray for her?”

Surprised, he replied yes, then said he’d put the flowers in his car and be right back. And he did exactly that. When he returned, I began declaring Jesus’ authority over the tumor, prayed for her cleansing, and asked the Lord to shower His love on her to demonstrate His healing power.  

Am I Catholic? No, Evangelical. Did that matter or make a difference? No – not to me or to him or to Jesus! 

He beamed, hugged my shoulder, said, ”Thank you, sister,” and walked to his car.

Do I know his name, his girlfriend’s name, or how God answered that prayer? No. Do I need to? NO! All I DO know is God planned and purposed that meeting in His good timing, and for sure it blessed that young man and told him God WAS listening to the cries of his heart and cared enough to show him so. 

Who got the blessing? Both of us, or rather, by faith, ALL THREE OF US! I take absolute delight in these “chance encounters”, because God’s blessings DO flow, and He reminds me He’s with me and in me. Sooo…. Do it again and again and again, Abba God! Pour out through this empty pitcher! You lavishly shower Your love in these sweet, short moments, and graciously You bless this imperfect servant/child in the pouring! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Holy Spirit! Thank you, good, kind, gracious, powerful, Almighty Father God! Your banner over me IS love,and this “happenstance” was a WAVE of pure JOY!

I’ve never surfed, BUT…. boy, have I ridden God’s waves of goodness! And my point in sharing this? YOU CAN, TOO!

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