IMG_0559Rose is a three-time contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul, ghostwriter, editor, former teacher, womens ministry teacher, retreat speaker and workshop presenter who  loves to speak at women’s events, both large and small.   Mom of a missionary, Rose’s passion is blessing others with a window into their identity and value and the relentless love of God and showing others that God is intimately concerned with their lives. Contact Rose at rosemvieira1984@gmail.com if you’d like Rose to share some creative, interactive, challenging, fun, and practical insights with your group or for your event.  Purchase a journal-able paperback copy of the book Move Your “…BUT…” – a Journey Into God’s Heart at Xulonpress.com, Amazon.com, or Barnes and Noble online, or get the Kindle or Nook version.

Others say:

“Rose did a terrific job pulling together a leader’s guide for one of my Bible studies. She was really able to bring the teachings to life in a practical way. Rose is a gifted speaker/Bible teacher in her own right.”
Donna Partow, Donna Partow Ministries/Women’s Empower University

“Rose is an outstanding communicator. We have written books together and Rose has always excelled in her writing. Another tremendous communication gift is her speaking. Rose has demonstrated to me her commitment to advancing the Kingdom of God in so many creative ways. She leads with great wisdom and prayer.”
Dr. Walt Kallestad, Community Church of Joy

“Rose’s dramatic and engaging style captures her audience from the beginning. She brings God’s Word to life as she shares practical and insightful principles for everyday living.”
Ruth Mitchell, Campus Ministries, City of Grace

“Whether speaking at a retreat, teaching a class or presenting a devotion. Rose has delighted the women of Community church of Joy with her wit, wisdom and creativity. She is a gifted an innovative teacher with a humble spirit. Any group would be blessed by her presentations that always seem to be tailor-made to speak to the hearts of her audience.”
Ginny Wheeler, Director of Women’s Ministry, Community Church of Joy

This book, Move Your “…BUT…”, really helped me to look at my circumstances differently. More than just looking at them, but how to change my thinking and my attitude. Brillant

Thank you, Rose,  for your loving prayers. And thank you for your wonderful book. It continues to touch me right when and where I need it most. I pray that it is God’s will for you to write more. No other devotional book has ever touched me more. Thank you and please consider writing more!
I bought this because I enjoyed Rose’s blog and wanted it in book form. I think her courage and faith is to be admired as I have watched her recently working through the loss of her 2nd husband (of 8 months ) in a terrible bicycle accident. Her unique personality comes through and I like that.


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